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Fine Mesh Cation Water Softener Resin (3/4 Cu. Ft. Bag)


This is a 3/4 cu. ft. bag of Fine Mesh Water Softener Resin.

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Fine Mesh resin is used for homes with slightly higher iron levels, that a regular water softener can’t handle. Fine Mesh resin is a good option when you have more than 3 parts of iron in the water. Fine Mesh resin can remove up to 8 parts of iron under the right conditions, but up to 5 parts of iron is more likely. Fine Mesh resin does need to be regenerated more often than regular softener resin.
When using Fine Mesh resin, be sure to use a Fine Mesh Distributor tube inside of the tank. Using a standard resin distributor tube will result in resin passing through the tube and entering the home or businesses plumbing, appliances, and fixtures. Use part number BRT1050-54-FR (Fine Mesh Dist. Tube).

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